A cosy, happy atmosphere with plenty of imagination where you would feel in high spirits for listening, chatting, sharing and learning…. Definitely a place to stay.


The design stresses out its colourful varnished floor, where the colour lines mix together with the curvature of the structure, which is clearly reinforced by the brightness and beauty of the view over the San Francisco Park, where, if wanted, your event will protrude through the archetypal windows.

In Circus, we are aware that a perfect event is the most important matter for you.

Por esa razón ponemos a tu disposición una serie de servicios añadidos para que todo salga perfecto.

Creamos eventos desde el concepto inicial hasta el último detalle, tenemos a los mejores especialistas en diferentes disciplinas para lograr el mejor resultado.

Chameleon-like and versatile, Circus is a space opened to your ideas that is always adapted to your needs.

Prestigious trademarks, entities and private users have already selected our space to hold their most special events.

Everything seems impossible until it has been done

Mr Borja González Finat, architecture and heart of this project, brought to life something that seemed impossible by going over many obstacles in the building of this space.


  • Jun142017

    #CharlasCircus Nicolás Terrados ¿Por qué tengo que hacer ejercicio físico?

    El lunes 12 de junio Nicolás Terrados, doctor en medicina deportiva y Profesor Asociado de la Universidad de Oviedo, desgranó los últimos beneficios…

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