Una combinación de vanguardia y vida acompañado de la última tecnología.

Every event is unique and unrepeatable.

Take the opportunity to create unforgettable experiences

A magical, groundbreaking space full of hope

It is thought to gather together in a very different way that how we are used to do so far. Here the speaker is not the most important person, but the listeners. Everything is designed to have fun and learn while participating, and the audience is ranking “over” the speaker and asking questions is the most important thing.

It is a space that forces us to think positively and to imagine great things because the design and structure only evokes positive and happy feelings. The atmosphere is magic, colourful, open, funny and bright… completely bright!

Circus is made up of two independent rooms with technical equipment and great acoustics. Both of them can be hired totally and be intercommunicated, if wanted, offering the possibility to create interesting experiences for the visitors. If you prefer, the rooms can be hired independently.

It has got five large windows with an arched form that let the light come in offering a great view of the centre of the city, with trees and the sight of green colour impossible to fake…or buy!!

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Audiovisual Equipment

Circus has at your disposal all the audiovisual equipment for your event to be the icing on the cake. The three automated cameras will let you record your event perfectly.

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Showing screen

Our theatre will show projections with high quality on a big screen. Our cutting-edge sound technology can always be relied on.

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Show your event to the world

Our live broadcasting system lets you see your online event in real time. We also have available a very powerful programme for videoconferences.

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Technical equipment

Both rooms are provided with cutting-edge equipment: Leading brands in audiovisual material for maximum results.

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Home automation lighting

Lighting is a key factor for each event, which is the reason why our lightning lets us create a set atmosphere adapted to the characteristics of each act.

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Adaptations for people with reduced mobility

Circus has adapted doorways for those people with reduced mobility, as well as facilities and toilets.

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