Forum: a space where the spectator is the focus.

Designed with the shape of a “circus” or a “bull ring”, the audience would be the real lead of the event. It has a direct entry from the street and it has terraces with an easy access and a perfect vision of the centre of the forum.

The attendees will sit on the terraces straight away, on top of a simple cushion or pillow “like if it was a real bull ring”.

It has four NBA-style screens in the centre of the room to provide a perfect vision of the speaker and the presentation from all the potential angles not to miss a single detail!!!

The best would be looking at these pictures…this is only an example!!

Capacity: 115 people (185 if combined with the theatre)

An opened space to the world

With 5 big dream windows through which the most incredible nature and light will penetrate.

San Francisco Park and the green from the hundred-year-old trees will forever be engraved in the assistants’ retina.

You will be the one to choose to be seen or not or to have a more private and intimate event.



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