A touch of elegance and harmony

It is a real theatre, the classical one, with the “gods or circle, in the stalls with a 40 degree-inclination you can almost touch the actors and actresses.

The stage, the curtains from bottom to ceiling, the red seats (all of them with a folding table and a switch to charge computers), the dressing room, a large screen (3 x2,5 metres), with a surrounding system and subwoofers of 1,500 watts and a cutting-edge digital projector that will let you see a presentation similar to a film and a movie as it was in the best cinema room.

It was thought to perform theatre plays, show presentations, watch a documentary, a film, listen to music, award prizes, attend conferences, or, simply give a master class such as the traditional ones. To those who need a board we provide you one with a 25 square metres length.

Capacity: 44 people

Would you like to organize your event here?


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