We want to create the perfect event just for you

Tell us your idea, and we will make it happen

We provide you with extra services to make every event perfect. We rely on a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals that will be there to solve all your needs so that you can hold the event of your dreams; you will only need to tell us your idea and we will do the rest.

All the services at you disposal

  • Customisation of the space for the specific needs of your event.
  • Completely independent access to both rooms.
  • Option to book both rooms, the forum and the theatre.
  • Technical support staff to make the best of your presentations and to make sure that technology is never a problem.
  • A dressing room for the speakers to have a proper place to get ready, welcome the guests, or simply get ready, take a shower and rest.
  • A digital board with the daily schedule.
  • The best professionals specialised in different disciplines to guarantee that your event will be perfect.
  • Side tables of different sizes.
  • Kitchen space fully equipped for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee breaks.
  • High quality catering with different menus and suppliers available.
  • Hotel booking within the city.
  • Organisation of tours: gastronomic, sports, tourism and leisure tours.
  • Trips and transportation.

Types of events we host

In Circus all events are welcomed:
Corporate breakfasts, corporate meetings, coffee breaks, lunches and dinners, presentations of books and products, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, talks, debates and round table discussions.

Te ofrecemos un equipo de última tecnología para dotar a tu evento de la mejor cobertura. Profesionales en Fotografía y vídeo para que nadie se pierda detalle de todo lo que pase.

Para la comodidad de nuestros clientes y la de tus invitados, ponemos a su disposición un auténtico camerino donde podrán relajarse antes de cada evento con todos los servicios a su disposición.

Gracias a nuestro alto equipamiento técnico podemos mostrar al mundo tu evento. Proyecciones en ambas salas de manera paralela, vía streaming o realizar videoconferecias para sus eventos de trabajo si así lo deseas.

All the technological means at your disposal

Customisation of the space for the specific needs of your event to ensure that all your positive and inspiring messages reach every corner of the world.

  • 4 4K NBA cube shaped high definition screens of 75” located in the centre of the main room, allowing the best possible view of the speaker and the presentation from any corner of the room.
  • Screens to help the speaker follow the presentation from any angle of the stage.
  • 4 headband microphones to achieve the best possible sound from the speakers, while they enjoy the most comfortable and wearable audio option, and 2 hand microphones for the audience to get involved in the session.
  • High definition video cameras and streaming system to show your event to the world at any time.
  • Translation booth to help you overcome linguistic barriers.
  • Video recorder to insert your memory card and save all the footage of the event: conversations, images, presentations and sound.
  • Wide range of wireless presentation systems that will make it possible for the speaker to share all the content with the audience.
  • A powerful sound system for the best audio quality.
  • Professional lighting system with the quality of a TV set.
  • Manage all the details yourself with a single click from a high end tablet that integrates the full presentation system: implement any changes you want in the lighting, display and sound immediately and make everything your way.

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