Borja G. Finat

Todo parece imposible hasta que se hace

Why Circus by Borja G. Finat?

The answer is very simple: Circus was one of the names suggested by the architect that designed this place: Borja G. Finat.

We are ONTIER, a legal firm, and doing different things we enjoy passionately is part of our identity, as well as helping our clients solve or prevent their problems is our motto. Through this new space, we want to provide a meeting point for people, enterprises and organisations. A space to learn, teach, talk and share while inspiring positive feelings, happiness and hope.

We can assure you that when we started dreaming about this space it was impossible to imagine what it’s really turned into. We dreamed of a “ground-breaking” space, completely different to everything ever built, and it was architect Borja G. Finat who, together with his partner and friend Jorge Puente, challenged the rules, the obvious and the easy to create what we named CIRCUS.

Borja conceived it, dreamed of it, drew it and insisted on the idea that it was completely possible to build it (even though experts said it wouldn’t be possible) but, unfortunately…. He didn’t live to see the final result. That’s why the name of this space is a tribute, in gratitude to this cheerful, funny, positive and dreaming artist. Borja was an absolute GENIUS.

The space was finished off by his partner, Jorge Puente, and the Barbosa brothers, to whom we would also like to express our gratitude.

We have no doubts that this place is unique in the world and it will become a reference space in the near future, as a role model in the design and decoration of places conceived for event organisation.

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